Episode 1 – San Diego Distillery & Newtopia Cyder


It’s our first show and we hope you love what we’ve come up with!  Alt Brew Show is a new podcast all about all things that are fermented, distilled, and brewed…other than beer.  Don’t get us wrong, we will be talking about beer here and there, we are in San Diego after all.  We are joined by Trent Tilton from San Diego Distillery along with Rick Moreno and Ryan Kinnerup from Newtopia Cyder.  We get into how Trent has taken recipes from brewing beer and converted them to his spirits.  We also talk about how Newtopia makes their cider and we make sure the term “cider house” is much preferred.  We drink a good amount of alcohol and find out that hopped cider is really damn good.  There’s plenty of knowledge at this table, we won’t spoil then entire show for you.  Thank you for listening.

Where to find our guests:

San Diego Distillery:
Instagram: @sddistillery
FaceBook: facebook.com/sandiegodistillery/
Website: www.sddistillery.com

Newtopia Cyder:
Twitter: @newtopiacyder
Instagram: @newtopiacyder
FaceBook: facebook.com/NewtopiaCyder/
Website: www.drinknewtopia.com

This episode was recorded at Setting Sun Sake.

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All music is from Paul from Fairfax.  If you like it and want a song for yourself, please contact us.

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