Episode 2 – Golden Coast Mead


Hey there, nice to see you again!  For our second episode we are joined by Joe Connolly and Chris Herr from Golden Coast Mead.  After a little insight into what Josh is doing at Setting Sun Sake, we delve into what is mead and how it is made.  Since honey is the most used item in mead, Chris talks a little bit about how the different hives can change the flavor of the mead.  We also hear the terms “Nerd Mead” and “Sausage Mead” which are words I never would have thought went together.  After derailing the show with some weed mead and weed sake, we get back to the meads they are making.  We end up drinking their Orange Blossom, Yucatán, Something, Something, Sour, Savage Bois, Viking Tears, and Coffee Mead.

Where to find our guests:

Golden Coast Mead:
Twitter: @goldencoastmead
Instagram: @goldencoastmead
FaceBook: facebook.com/GoldenCoastMead/
Website: www.goldencoastmead.com

This episode was recorded at Setting Sun Sake.

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