Episode 4 – Andy Newbom


Coffee, coffee, coffee!  Most people’s favorite drink that wakes you up, keeps you up during boring work days, and helps you cram for your next college exam.  In Episode 4 we have Andy Newbom who has worked in all facets of coffee from owning a cafe, to working on a farm, to now selling green (un-roasted) coffee on the market.  We are also joined by Brian Trout who happened to be in the area and loves to talk about coffee as it pertains to his hobby of cider making.  Andy talks about his first “good” coffee experience which then got him to want to start a cafe that made the same “good” coffee.  Then we get into coffee math, get your calculators ready.    Andy then gets into how a bean goes from farm to cup.  The conversation moves into roast types, the different regions of coffee, and blending.  At some point the show goes off the rails with #TropicalDonkeySack.

Where to find our guest:

Andy Newbom:
Twitter: @brewbom
Instagram: @brewbom
FaceBook: facebook.com/andy.newbom/
Website (Book): www.coffeespanish.com
Website (Personal): www.andynewbom.com

This episode was recorded at Setting Sun Sake.

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