Episode 7 – Beer, BJCP judging, competitions, and more…


So I’m not going to lie, we got busy and tried last minute to get someone on the show and we could not.  So this week you get just Greg and Josh.  We didn’t mean to, but this episode is very beer-centric.  We drink a few beers throughout the show and talk a lot of about beer.  We start with flavors in beer which leads to a conversation about the BJCP judging guidelines and competitions.  We move onto a conversation about a sake brewing class.  Eventually, we do move into some non-beer talk with opening up the latest San Diego Bev Times magazine.  We go bob and weave through different topics like West Coaster, the different beer podcasts in San Diego, all the new places opening up on Miralani, Newtopia Cyder, and some new sake Josh is brewing at Setting Sun.  Somehow we get into Stone and their layoffs and how the beer industry will have to course correct for the smaller growth.  However, there are still breweries opening up which leads to a talk about saturation of craft beer in San Diego.  We do wrap back around to SD Bev Times and their story on the 115 wineries in San Diego.

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This episode was recorded at Setting Sun Sake.

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