Episode 8 – The California Spirits Company and Charlie & Echo Winery, Part 1


Sorry for the belated show, however, this one is worth the wait.  We are joined by Casey Miles, the founder & distiller of The California Spirits Company and Eric Van Drunen, the co-founder of Charlie & Echo Winery (used to be Vinavanti Urban Winery.)  We start the conversation with Casey to see where he got his distilling background.  That quickly morphs into a conversation about selling his spirits which also moves into a talk about wine clubs.  Eric moves onto some of his production hurdles, for instance figuring out your schedule of wines and blending.  As we do, it sidetracks into What’s on Draft and paying in “Doll Hairs.”  Luckily we get back into it and Casey goes into his process of distilling and some of his products.  Josh then pulls out the engineering background of Casey and Casey talks all about his buildout and how he calculates his brew days.  Eric jokes about using truckloads as a measurement, however, Casey actually did have to do some “truckloads” during a pickup of materials.  Getting back to Eric, he goes into his process, which is wild fermented wine.  That means a talk about yeast and where it could come from.

Where to find our guests:

The California Spirits Company:
Twitter: @avalonrum
Instagram: @calspirits
FaceBook: facebook.com/calspirits/
Website: www.calspirits.com

Charlie & Echo Winery:
Twitter: @charlieechowine
FaceBook: facebook.com/CharlieEchoWine/
Website: www.charlieandecho.com

This episode was recorded at Setting Sun Sake.

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