Episode 10 – Seven Caves Spirits


This show starts off on San Diego BeerTalk Radio and continues on Episode 10 of Alt Brew Show.  We are joined by Geoff Longenecker, the founder of Seven Caves Spirits.  Even though we cover some of the basics on SDBT, just in case some of our listeners do not listen, we start with a some of the things Geoff is doing at Seven Caves and where he wants his spirits to become.  There is some very technical talk, so get your fingers ready to Google.  Somehow we get into Geoff’s yacht club racing too.

Where to find our guests:

Seven Caves Spirits:
Twitter: @thesevencaves
Instagram: @sevencaves
FaceBook: facebook.com/7Caves/
Website: www.the7caves.com

This episode was recorded at Seven Caves Spirits.

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