Episode 11 – Jaunt Coffee Roasters and Chef Kim


This week we are joined by Jimmy Silva from Jaunt Coffee Roasters and Chef Kim who works with many different ingredients, including sake and beer,  with her cooking.  We will learn more about her collaboration with Josh in the second half of the show.  Jimmy starts off the show with a little bit history on opening up Jaunt and his trip to visit a few coffee farms.  We find out that many farms in places like Peru are not “Fair Trade” and are only “Organic” because the farmers cannot afford pesticides.  We eventually move into the coffee bean itself and how it gets to your cup.  Jimmy gets into his spot and the type of items he will have for his patrons.  There will be coffee, food, teas, and other items available at the store.  Josh wonders about the Kickstarter that Jaunt is going through to open the business.  Please check out the Kickstarter and pledge if you love coffee or just want to help out Jimmy.

We change the conversation over to Chef Kim and wonder what this collaboration is with Setting Sun.  The collaboration involves Setting Sun, Chef Kim, and OPSEC BBQ.  If you like BBQ, sake, and kick ass dessert, please get a ticket for this event.  If you did not know, San Diego Beer Week just happened, so Josh wonders how we survived.  We move the conversation over to Miralani Drive and its growth over the last few years and what’s to come.  Not only is there the BBQ event at Setting Sun but there is a coffee competition going on at Liberty Station.  On December 16th, you can go to Cold Brew City SD for only $15.

Where to find our guests:

Jaunt Coffee Roasters:
Instagram: @jauntcoffeeroasters
FaceBook: facebook.com/JauntCoffeeRoasters/
Website: www.jauntcoffee.com

Chef Kim:
Instagram: @chefninang

This episode was recorded at Setting Sun Sake.

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