Episode 12 – West Coaster and San Diego Beverage Times, with special guest Kay


Happy Holidays to all our listeners!  For the last show of 2017, we have two new guests.  First, we are joined by Ryan Lamb, the co-founder of both West Coaster and San Diego Beverage Times.  Both of those are free magazines that deal with San Diego’s growing culture of craft beer, wine, distilling, sake, coffee, and other beverages.  We are also joined by Kay of Brave Promotions and Morrigan Studios, she is the designer of many of Setting Sun’s artwork and a new comic book which we will talk about after some introductions.  After a short aside about how designers and their clients don’t always see eye to eye, we learn more about how Ryan and his co-founder Mike Shess started West Coaster.  Seeing how West Coaster was the first beer-centric magazine in San Diego, we wonder how easy or hard it was to get traction with articles and advertisements.

We then get into the creation of San Diego Beverage Times and how Ryan and Mike decided to start the second magazine.  We find out more about the differences between the two.  Ryan speaks to what he likes other than beer.  We find out how big the coffee scene is in San Diego and that there was a big festival recently.  Speaking of events, there will be a coffee and beer pairing on January 28th, with Bay City Brewing, Swell Coffee Roasters, Ryan Bros. Coffee, and OB Beans, hosted by SD Bev Times.  Another event happening soon is the San Diego Fermentation Festival happening on February 11th.  We finish up the show with some of the favorite places Ryan has had in the non-beer categories.

Where to find our guests:

West Coaster:
Instagram: @westcoastersd
Twitter: @WestCoasterSD
FaceBook: facebook.com/westcoastersd
Website: www.westcoastersd.com

San Diego Beverage Times:
Instagram: @sdbevtimes
Twitter: @sdbevtimes
FaceBook: facebook.com/sdbevtimes
Website: www.sdbevtimes.com

Brave Promotions:
Instagram: @bravepromotions
FaceBook: facebook.com/BravePromos
Website: www.bravepromotions.com

Morrigan Studios:
Instagram: @morriganstudios
FaceBook: facebook.com/MorriganStudios
Website: www.morriganstudios.com

This episode was recorded at Setting Sun Sake.

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