About Us

Josh Hembree – President & Head of Brewing Operations for Setting Sun Sake

“Driven by passion and a thirst for new experiences, I bought my first home brew kit and fell in love with brewing. In an attempt to make better beer, I went to my local craft brewery, which had just opened. I traded labor for knowledge. While trying to learn everything I could about brewing, I came across the art of sake making and it took hold in me. With the heart of a brewer and mind of a foodie, I will show you my soul in sake.”

Greg Homyak – Real life IT Manager and enthusiast of craft beer and any craft alcohol drinks.

“I never drank beer for the first few years after being 21.  All I knew was the yellow swill I saw the masses drink and I had to clean up after those people when they spilled pitchers of it when working at local bowling ally.  I drank spirits and wine and one day a co-worker introduced me to craft beer.  From there my love grew and I started the podcast San Diego BeerTalk Radio.  During the show we interviewed a few craft distilleries and I found out there was a ton of wineries, distilleries, cider houses, meaderies, and many other business focused on craft.”